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Quiet Mini PCs
Standard Performance Mini-ITX form-factor systems for business, school, nettop, and desktop applications.
Media Center /HTPC /Gaming Systems
High Performance Mini-ITX solutions: where performance meets small form factor size and portability. For the enthusiast, applications include: High Performance Mini PC Solutions for Media Enthusiast, VR Ready Gaming Systems, etc.
Dual LAN Systems
Dual LAN Mini System Solutions for applications that require Dual LAN ports.
Multi-LAN Systems
Multi-LAN Mini-ITX Solutions (3, 4, 5+ ethernet ports) for applications that require multiple LAN ports. Think routers, firewalls, and other commonly used networking appliances.
Intel Core Systems
High performance Mini-ITX Solutions featuring the Intel Core platform. Great for desktop replacement and all general computing tasks. Plenty of processing power on tap for HD videos and video/image processing.
Intel NUC
Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC) ultra-small form factor solutions.
Gigabyte BRIX
Gigabyte BRIX ultra-small form factor solutions.
Ultra Small Form Factor
Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC), Gigabyte BRIX and other ultra-small form factor solutions.